A very small javascript library that allows you to create browser specific CSS to be merged into your normal classes. 2 CSS Rules Specific to Explorer (IE CSS hacks) Another option is to declare CSS rules that can only be read by Explorer. Bryan Funk Changed my styling game. A box will open in the bottom right of the website. No more hacks or mischievous code in your CSS code. The best CSS editor I've seen on Chrome Web Store. Click on a page element that you would like your selector to match (it will turn green). Durch automatisierte Generierung von CSS-, Link-, Text-, XPath- und RanoreXPath(RxPath)-Selektoren lässt sich mit Ranorex Selocity die Effizienz erheblich steigern. Since the advent of selenium there have been many plugin to test xPath / css selectors but you don’t need any of them if you have chrome browser. Wenn Sie einen Selektor ändern, prüft Ranorex Selocity sofort, ob der Selektor noch gültig ist. I can tell because the console shows me some CSS which looks pretty familiar (color: #f71172 !important;). To target CSS only on chrome, there are two methods:- 1. Naren Kumar Love the design and ease of this tool.

Looks like I've found the CSS Selectors. I'll need to look at the CSS.

- rafaelp/css_browser_selector I use this religiously now. My console will pop up with the selected element information. Damit rufen Sie Selektoren mit einem Klick ab und kopieren diese in Ihre Lokatoren in Selenium. Best custom CSS plugin I've used by far (and I've tried a few).

However, this method is not recommended because they are not valid CSS syntax.

Using css hack- I personally would not recommend this method as it may or may not be functional in many cases.

Just install the Chrome Extension or drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar, then go to any page and launch it. Kyle Gardner On the left is the HTML and on the right is the CSS. Using Chrome console you can test both xPath and css selectors. For example, add an asterisk (*) before the CSS property will target IE7 or add an underscore before the property will target IE6. Outstanding! Launch website to be tested in chrome browser and hit F-12 and you would see chrome console opened in lower pane of application - James Ferrell I really like this extension; the UI, the features it offers. SelectorGadget is an open source tool that makes CSS selector generation and discovery on complicated sites a breeze.