This snowy mountain look of the cake, following the meaning of the name in French, is the perfect winter dessert for Christmas holiday through daily snack. The dessert of puréed chestnuts combined with a whipped cream and a meringue has the Italian origin, but in the 17th century it became famous in France.

But with its garnish of red raspberries and edible gold leaf, I think it's entirely appropriate for a cozy Valentine's Day in.

It really resembles a snow-capped mountain. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or freeze. Mont Blanc Chestnut Cake |RICARDO. Famous cake Mont-Blanc… it means “white mountain” in French.

When ready to serve, dust with icing sugar. Store-bought mini tart shells and Bonne Maman chestnut preserve allow you to make Mont Blanc cake so easily. Oct 14, 2016 - My absolutely No.1 Favorite dessert in the world – Mont Blanc. If frozen, leave the cake at room temperature for 30 minutes.

It’s a very simple Japanese-style Mont Blanc, chestnut cream dessert recipe. Mont Blanc Chestnut Cake |RICARDO Recipes ... side down. Comment. Mont Blanc is a popular dessert around Christmastime, and this cake almost feels like the Yule Log I never got around to making during the holidays. See more ideas about Cold desserts, Chantilly cream and Mont blanc.

Remove the plastic wrap. Pipe the chestnut topping in overlapping circles over the entire surface of the cake until completely covered. A cold dessert made of vanilla-flavored chestnut pureé, topped with a dome of Chantilly cream and decorated.